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Heating with Solar Energy

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Finite fossil fuel reserves and the dangerous effects of climate change are two of the biggest challenges we face today. With the heating sector as one of the largest consumers of energy, it's time to rethink the way in which we consume energy.

With home heating accounting for approximately 40% of our annual energy consumption, finding ways to conserve precious fossil fuels and substituting with renewable energies whenever possible is key for a sustainable energy policy and our future.

Start with Solar

As the easiest, cleanest, most abundant and easily accessible form of energy on earth, start your sustainable energy approach with solar energy.

Conquer your Heating Bill

Putting the sun to work saves you as much as 60% on your hot water bill or up to 25% when using solar energy for hot water and space heating.

Future-Proof your Heating

You no longer have to fret over sky-rocketing energy prices. There's more than enough sunlight to go around, so sit back and enjoy your savings.

Boost your Property Value

A solar system not only showcases your commitment to the environment, it can increase your property value at the same time.

Show that you care

Plus, with a solar system on your roof you make a real statement. Show your neighbours that you care and take a lead role in protecting our tomorrow.