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Household Water Conservation Category: Maintenance

Did you know that we Canadians use more water per capita than any other nation on Earth? And that we in B.C. are the worst offenders, using 490 litres of fresh water per day, 50% more than the national average?

Does that matter? We do, after all, live in a rain forest.

The answer should be obvious: Yes, we do need to manage our consumption because, setting environmental issues aside, our water supply is usually feast or famine.

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Removing and Preventing Sink Stains Category: Maintenance

Stains are stealth invaders; they creep up on us. Slowly the drain in your sink, depending upon its type, begins to show brown or white traces that become ever darker and more pronounced if left untreated. Or spots appear on your chrome, ceramic and tile.

Worse than annoying, these stains can indicate more serious, unseen problems.

They’re mostly the product of ‘hard water’ and they’re totally preventable.

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Unclogging Drains Category: Maintenance

What’s the best way to unclog your drains?

We’ve all had them. While not life threatening, clogged drains are usually inconvenient, always annoying.

Which explains why they’re a plumber’s most common call for help.

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