Solar Heating

solar heating tubes

Finite fossil fuel reserves and the dangerous effects of climate change are two of the biggest challenges we face today. With the heating sector as one of the largest consumers of energy, it's time to rethink the way in which we consume energy.

As the cleanest, most abundant and easily accessible form of energy on earth, start your sustainable energy approach with solar energy. By integrating a high-performance solar thermal system, solar energy is used to heat or preheat your home's domestic hot water (DHW), and in some cases, supplement your space heating.

You can offset your DHW heating costs by as much as 60% and reduce your C02 emissions by up to 1 ton/year. With home heating accounting for about 40% of our annual energy consumption, finding ways to conserve precious fossil fuels and substituting with renewable energies whenever possible is key for a sustainable energy policy and our future.

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